Meets Building Regulations.

The comprehensive solution to insulating swimming pools

Styropool provides a long-term solution for insulating swimming pools, helping to create energy efficient pools with low running costs whilst also meeting current Building Regulations.

Styropool is made from Styrofoam (extruded polystyrene) and is available in three different grades to meet the needs of a wide range of swimming pool types and depths. Styropool meets the latest Building Regulations Part L, which requires domestic swimming pools to achieve a minimum thermal performance, with a U value of 0.25W/m2K.

100 % recycledManufactured from extruded polystyrene, Styropool has a high compressive strength, making it ideal for insulating the base and retaining walls of a swimming pool. The exceptionally low water absorption of Styropool means that it can be installed directly below concrete slabs whilst its unique grooves improve the key of cement and/or render in the pool installation.


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